Front door


About Me

Hi there! I’m the virtual home of the Washington High School Class of 1966, New London, Wisconsin. My rooms are for you and about you: all classmates whether or not present at graduation.

My Main Rooms

My rooms are private, for classmates only. The directory (active menu icon on a mobile device like this: menu ) will list my main rooms and take you to them.  You need a key to enter.

Your Key

If you are one of us, your key (username and password) exists. Your username is your first initial and last name.  Your key has a tag (email address). All three parts have to match.


Select Enter from the menu to unlock the door.  If you get a username error contact my administrator.  If you get a password error, use the Lost Password option and I’ll email you a link for setting your password.  If the email doesn’t arrive in a minute or two, your key doesn’t have the right tag (email address), so contact my administrator.